I've been playing for about 3 or 4 months now, and am looking to finally upgrade my setup. I'm looking into getting the guitar first, and an amp about a month later. I would like to learn most genres for electric, so I am looking for a guitar/amp setup that can give me a lot of tones that are pretty good quality. The amp would have to be big enough to do a school talent show, also. As far as guitars are going, the only ones I have really looked into are a Fender Standard Stratocaster (the 400 dollar one) and a Schecter Damien 6 String. (350-ish) I haven't really looked into any specific amps either.
Any help on what guitar and amp to get would be great. OH, and I would like the price to be around 400 for each.

Thanks a lot guys, Dylan.

Can anyone give me an opinion on these amps?



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Schecter Tempest
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Schecter all the way man

honestly if u want amazing tone, save up for a schecter C1.. those are like jesus but without long hair or the beard

as for the amp you gotta tell us more details about your hopes for its sound

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yea, i would say getting a Fender Start but you might want to get the HSS version, just cause u said "most genres". or get the ibanez 350, has a nice edge 3 trem (will be crap if its not set -up right)can handle alot of stuff and has some nice pick ups. For the amp i would say, i like is the Create Flexwave 120w (might be to much for what u want) or theres the 65 watt. I was happy with there distortion, it has 3 channels (a distortion, overdrive,clean) so it could go from a blues to balls to the walls. I wouldn't get a Marshall MG amp, cause it sounds thin to me, and the distortion sounds even thiner then a pedal
I was leaning towards the Schecter, but I heard that it had a thicker neck, and was wondering how much that would hinder my playing or if it would at all.

As for an amp, I would really like one that would have pretty good quality overall sound. Good cleans, distortion, and the likes. As I said in my first post I would like to learn most genres of music. So an amp with good overall sound would be great. I am looking to spend around 400 dollars, 500 at most, and I would like it big enough to play a gig, not a huge one, but like a party, talent show, stuff like that.
My Gear:

Schecter Tempest
Roland Cube 60
Boss DS-1
Vox V847A Wah
i dunno, fender amps have pretty good cleans

for distortion ur gonna have to use a pedal

i recommend boss metalcore or a (and you can flame me all you want for this but I stick by it) digitech distortion factory/metal master
The Fender Frontman series is pretty pants to be honest, you can do better for your money.
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