hey everybody, i need some help from anyone who can. I recently bought a the Boss OD20 overdrive/distortion pedal and I am not getting what i expected from it. I want a pedal with some distortion sounds of the boss od20, because a lot of the distortion setting on it arent very good and the pedal feeds back like crazy. So what im really asking is, does anybody know of a good multi-effects pedal that has sounds from heavey distortion to effects like flange and delay for about $200 to $250? thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
the od-20 is amazing you just gotta keep playing with the settings to get it right. if you havent spent at least 5 hours altogether messing with it, then you havent tried hard enough yet. plus you need a good guitar and amp for it to sound good because its a powerful mother ****er. especially use a good amp.