Couple of question about the Ibanez S470DXQM, specifically how the bridge (ZR) hold up to fairly heavy whammy use. Also, will I be able to get the range of joe satriani/vai tones with the stock pickups or is a pickup change a must on this guitar.

Also, will it be able to back off and do some clean stuff, jazz and old les paul style blues. Im just looking to get closer to that sound than my strat gets me, but I know that a LP would be the best thing for this genre.

^ with your amp, you will not be able to achieve the satch tone, even with new pu's. Amp first, then pickups. But, with a good amp, a S470 and good pu's, you can get closer to the satch tone. The ZR is great, I have one S320 and I use the tremolo a lot, and he didn't go out of tune.
disagree about the amp, in fact I like it, and with the me-50 it can give some good tones, its not like im using the amps on board distortion.

Thankyou however for answering my question about the bridge, glad to know that it stays in tune well. My hope is that it is better than the Edge III that they put on all the cheap rg's.
The ZR bridge is up there with the best, and the stock pickups are okay. Most people change them out though.

oh and op3a, how do you like your S320, im thinking about buying one. anything you dislike about it?