I've used solely fenders for about 4 years now, but as a graduation gift i went and picked up an SG. Played it like crazy when i first got it and left my Mexican strat to collect dust in the corner. Just recently though, after I finished learning Under the Bridge, I picked it back up because I wanted to see how differently it sounded. Now I love it again and I barely use my S.G. Hell I use my acoustic more often than the S.G. Anyone else having a similar experience?
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I'm finding more and more that I'm playing my acoustic.
Now I play both of my guitars about the amount of time, but that'll change.
I don't think I've touched my acoustic in months. It's just sitting in its case in a corner of my room collecting dust I guess I've gotten used to the sleekness of my RG, and I haven't bothered to lower the action of my acoustic. It's just so damn uncomfortable around the middle of the neck and on, and I'm too damn lazy to go through the trouble of filing down the saddles or whatever you have to do to lower the action.
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well the guitars i use the least are ones i dont have

seriously thoe after getting my dean, i use my ibanez and dean the same, ibanez for Drop C-A and dean for standard/drop D
I never play my BC Rich Zombie, Ibanez RG2EX2 or Washburn WG-587 ever. I don't even bother listing them in my sig. But I play the hell out of my Jackson Dinky and Xiphos. I'm actually planning on selling the 3 I don't play.
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I play my three electric guitars equally.
I wouldn't call my 'acoustic guitars' guitars.

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I recently found a japanese market charvel that was made to compete with washburn nuno bettencourt n4's at a yard sale, and i haven't played any of my other guitars since
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My acoustic is getting a hell of a lot more mileage than my SG-copy (actually, it's more of a red piece of wood that rattles, buzzes, basically does everything but sound like a guitar.)