I play death metal
ive only been playing for 5 months and everythings fine except i cant do fast
riffs that are like one frett picked or say 5 notes without putting my wrist on the
guitar. Its really pisssin me off cus its hard to tremelo without doing this.
I know its a really bad technique and i need some help
oh yeah and how should i hold my hand over the guitar while picking
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Ok uhm 5 months. Ya you're not gonna be riffing like a metal mad man in 5 months so theres the first problem. Also, make sure you learn good habbits. Thumb on the neck in back towards the middle, tip of your fingers on the frets. Also make sure you alternate pick. If you teach yourself in the beginning to do it it'll come easier later and it let's you play a lot faster. (Dur.)
Your problem is like the problem with all the kids who are learning to play guitar at my school. They all start out with songs that are way out of their league. You need to learn beginner songs before you go and try to play Death Metal. Death Metal is a hard style to learn, learn some Metallica or something. That will make you learn faster than Death Metal anyways.
I usually put my pinky on the pickguard as my anchor point when I'm tremolo picking.