So tonight I'm buying some whiskey, and my friend is telling me we should get Jack Daniels, but since Jim Beam is cheaper I'm telling him we should stick with that.

Is there any difference in the drunk they give? I don't really care about taste, I'll sacrifice that for the spare money. Plus, Jim Beam tastes pretty good to me.

By the way first post here.
i don't think "drunk" can be used as a noun so everyone loses in this situation

by the way, welcome to hell
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uhh no they feel pretty much the same, neither of them taste very good though.
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i just had some watermelon smirnoff and it was deeeeelicioussssssss. but your looking for whiskey so i guess that doesnt help

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I like Jim Beam more, not because it's cheaper, but because it tastes a hell of a lot better in my opinion.

I find that most teenagers just drink Jack Daniels because of the name.
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Jim Beam's just fine.

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Jack and coke works wonders on the soul.

Like a hickory aged coca-cola.
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Jim for Whiskey Sours, Jack for Jack and Coke.
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