If you can stand playing on an ESP neck through EMG pickups, yes.
Schecter CSH-1
Schecter Omen 6
Schecter 30th Anniversary Traditional
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Peavey XXX 40
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I see...

I haven't really had the chance to play on many guitars considering I don't drive or anything, and my parents won't take me to Guitar Center or Sam Ash.

Only guitars I've played are cheap guitars, an ESP, and a Schecter.

I have an Austin strat
I love my ESP LTD Viper 1000, I dont think ESP is overrated.

with a buy it now price of 525, id say its a deal.
Basically I wish I could just convince my parents I need a new guitar; rather than just wanting a new guitar.

I've been playing the same guitar for about two years.
I'm not talking about all ESP's. but I just hate how some people say all esp's rule everything else. Those are the type of people who don't actually try other guitars.