Ok, I haven't been on in a while so I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum but i was wondering...I kinda sorta hold my guitar like a baseball bat instead of my thumb behind the neck and I've been playing that way for about 4 years now and it never hurted b4...but when i hold my thumb behind the neck it starts to slowly hurt...

i want to play right but its hard to play well when i play right....i really hope this problem will be easy to fix because i have advanced alot so far and i dont want to have to re-learn to play...

please tell me how to fix this...
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play whatever way is comfortable to you

there are plenty of amazing guitarists who don't play with their thumb in the middle of the back of the fretboard like you're "supposed to"
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Play what's comfortable. I do the baseball-bat grip too.
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I figured it out.
my thumb can hang down to touch the second string with my fret fingers touching the sixth. I play with my thumb hanging over the top of the neck too. Quite a few guitarists play that way. It's not strange.
I like my thumb hanging over top it helps sometimes (not much tho)
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