i was just wondering if anyone knows what model of telecaster im trying to find is?

it comes up on the left on the fender site some time and its red and has 2 black humbuckers. an the scratch plate isnt the same as a normal tele.

any help is apreciated.

thanks nik
Its probably a '72 custom, or some variation of it.
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only tele i can think of with humbuckers is the jim root model, but it only comes in black or white. Then theres the J5 models. but, none of them come in red
This is the one, right?

The least Fender-looking Fender I've ever seen. My guess is it's custom shop, but I wouldn't take my word for it if I was me, which I am.

Edit: There's another view of it where you can clearly see that the bridge is some sort of wrap-around bastard spawn of a PRS bridge and a TOM.
^thats a tornado i think.

Edit: actually i dont think it is. its like a tornado tele hybrid thing.
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