ok i have a solid state randall half stack.... i know all u super good guitar players hate solid state amps blah blah tubes blah blah... but this amp is WAY better then my old amp so my tones improved at least.... ok for christmas i want a guitar with emgs on it... ok i know lots of tone nazis hate emgs (or any active pickups) because they think they sound digital or whatever..... but all the bands i like use active pickups... i have a solid state amp so im stuck with it but i could change the guitar i want for christmas or at least change the pickups on it... should i? i like active pickups and my amps not the best but its better then what i had.... basically im asking if the solid state + the active pickups is gonna make me sound THAT bad or digital... right now im using a strat with single coils (not metal) plus my solid state and i like my tone all right..so if i play metal and i think the single coils are ok then wont the emg's be a huge step in the right direction for metal? or too digital?
I had trouble getting past that WALL OF TEXT!!!

Seriously though, a little punctuation goes a long way, and three periods in a row constantly isn't punctuation.

I don't personally think that I, or anyone else on UG can tell you what you're looking for in a tone. Maybe you love the sound of EMGs through a Crate SS amp. Just do what sounds good to you
punctuation is for teachers and politicians... metalheads use 3 periods... ... and i know i have to decide what tone sounds good but i just wanted to know if would be horrible like a line 6 spider or marshall mg lol
it's all relative man, watever sounds good to you, i use to think that i could get a good tone out of an MG with a metal zone and stock humbuckers on my les paul...and then i plugged in to my JCM900. I also have seymour duncan Alnico IIs and i know what tone is now. pretty much i'm sayin, try new stuff man. Guitarists learn the wrong ****in way everytime, if you don't like ur new guitar or amp, well you can sell it and get a new one...and if you really want my opinion, you can't do anything else but improve your tone if you have EMG's and a crate halfstack
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It's not about "tone nazis", it's about phyiscs determining what sounds good. Actives can't do what they're supposed to do on a solid state amp because it doesn't respond in the right way, your much better off with passives.

You don't "like active pickups" at all, you just like the idea of having them becasue they look cool and the bands you like use them - you wouldn't say you liked brocolli just becase you saw Kirk Hammet eating some, would you?
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That being said, I agree with steven seagull. EMGs just don't do what they're designed to do with a SS amp. They're supposed to give tubes an extra nudge, not SS transistors.

When I went out to buy my second guitar, I wanted a Schecter Hellraiser. I tried it out on a spider....(come on we all start out ignorant right?) I decided not to buy it because the Schecter C1 classic sounded much better through that amp. Now, a few years later I went back to the store and tried out both guitars through a B-52 AT 112 tube amp. Now, with the tubes, I liked the Hellraiser much better. The mistake had already been made however, I ended up buying a guitar that is really really great, but the Hellraiser would have been better for me in the end.

I corrected my mistake by putting EMGs in my C1-classic.

What I'm trying to say is that if you are playing through a SS amp, its not worth it to buy EMGs. If you like your amp, and you are not going to get a tube amp, stick with passive pickups.
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