i have an opportunity to by a boss super overdrive (SD-1) pedal for pretty cheap. but i think its just an OK pedal. i much prefer the tubescreamers i have tried. well i know there are lots of mods that i can do to this boss but does it really end up being THE SAME SOUND as a tubescreamer. as i understand it they are fundamentally different beasts in that Boss ODs have asymmetrical clipping, while tubescreamers utilize symmetrical clipping. now addmiteldly, i dont know what that means, but can i make the boss into symmetrical clipping, or does that even effect the tone.
with the help of my friend, i will be doing this mod. any help at all is greatly appreciated, espicially from that clapton guy that has always helped me so much in the past. haha
Why don't you just buy a tubescreamer then?
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with symmetrical clipping, you have to have two identical diodes clip. The easiest way to do that is just buy two 1N4001's and replace the two current ones rather than try to match one to another. To get the closest tube screamer sound, you will also want to mod the output resistance and possibly change the IC to a 4558 (preferably JRC4558, but that is not a must)
to darkarbiter... this could be cheaper, if it works. and if it doesnt i will eventualy buy a tubescreamer
to end_citizen....thanks alot. lets see if i understand this, a tubescreamer has two identical diode clips, so does that mean the boss has two clips that arent identical, or that it has one diode.
the 1N4001s are what are in the tubecreamer, correct? so i buy two of thise and pop em in to the boss?

and to ECistheBest. i must say, ECistheBest is the best. youallways help me everytime i have a question. thank you.

so if i do all of these things to the boss, wil it actualy sound like a tubescreamer? thats what really matters to me is the sound, not some esoteric chip or some specific green sea sick paint, its all about tone. so does it sound like a tubescreamer?

also im thinking of modding my crybaby with a vocal mod and a few others. do these really improve the sound. basically im looking for the clyde McCoy sound. thanks guys.
it should pretty much sound like a tubescreamer stock... shouldn't it?

iono. try the fulldrive II mod. it's an awesome pedal.
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