I have these little white specks on the gold hardware on my guitar that kinda make it rough rather than smooth how its supposed to be. How do I get them off and what is it?
.....it might help if you posted pictures man.. think about it.
Sounds to me like oxidation (rust) is coming up through the plating. If it is, the only way to fix it is to take the plating off and treat the metal for oxidation and replate. A lot of work and $'s if the hardware is cheap.

It would be better and easier just to buy new hardware on the pieces that are affected.

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There is another alternative. There's a product available called Nev-R-Dull. It's cotton wadding soaked with some chemical cleaner. Pretty pungent smelling. It works great to shine up stainless, chrome, silver, gold, aluminum, brass, copper. The only problem is that you don't want to get it on the finish of the guitar. It could mess it up, but it would clean up the metal knobs on your tuners.