Okay, iTunes isn't recognizing my iPod. I think it's just with iTunes. I have a program called iDump, where you can put files on your computer from the iPod, and it's recognizing my iPod just fine, so I don't think anything is wrong with my iPod. So here's what I need:

1) Do you know a way I can fix this?
2) If not, then do you know any other programs I can use to put files like music and videos on to my iPod?
at "idump"

try just reinstalling itunes i guess...i've never had that problem
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Uhh....I just put iPod songs on my computer by getting the comp to display hidden folders, then copy-pasting the previously hidden ipod Music folder onto my computer. It's a jumbled mess, but if you put it into iTunes you're good.

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at "idump"

try just reinstalling itunes i guess...i've never had that problem
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You should be able to restore factory settings. Your iPod's settings have been changed from the sounds of it.
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