real hardcore is dying because of people like those in the UG hardcore forum


i shouldn't let people like that piss me off but i spend all day around them and i must outlet the intense rage i feel at them
Just ignore them.

If you want to educate them, do it politely. Don't just scream "That's not hardcore!!!" at them or something haha. not the best way to go about it. People will eventually learn and realize.
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as i lay dying are definately heavy, but they lean more into heavy metal than hardcore...

bury your dead?

Edit: what do you consider hardcore?
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dont give a **** about them man, are they stopping you from listening to what you want to ? Go about your stuff, you know whats good for you

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pointless threads, hurt my heads.
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I don't want to give myself over to a world of Regina Spektor, Van Gogh posters, and loud conversations about how wasted they got.
Oh, shut up.

Just because a bunch of stupid kids post ****ty bands in the hardcore forum doesn't mean that the genre is dead.
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