Here's the situation: if I can schedule all my classes into 3 days a week for next semester, I'll move back home and get my old job back for the rest of the week. This would save me $5000 from housing and mandatory meal plan costs, but would require me to make a 1.5 or 2 hour drive/ride to and from school those three days. I have a car but it's a 1972 coronet which gets 15mpg, 18mpg highway if I crawl. I have a motorcycle which gets maybe 40mpg but it's in constant need of repair and nobody on Long Island is willing to work on it because it's from 1982. So, I want to get a new motorcycle.

I'm done buying used bikes. They always have problems and there aren't any good motorcycle mechanics within 3 hours of me. I have $2,000 in the bank that I could spend on it right now, along with other money I have set aside for college, and if I stopped dorming and got off the meal plan I'd save about $5,000 for next semester. Plus, I'd have a steady job again so I could easily finance a bike.


Now, I've always been prejudiced against sport bikes and, furthermore, considered anything less than a 600 to be strictly a girl's bike. However, my situation has forced me to look at the Ninja 250. Why?

It's dirt cheap. New, they are in the $3,000 range.
It is said to be the best budget bike, and best 250 sport bike on the market.
It supposedly has an actual top speed of somewhere around 100mph, and can supposedly maintain it for a long duration.
It supposedly gets something like 55-75mpg depending on your driving conditions.

I won't be using it for showing off, I'm gonna be riding down the expressway at 90mph (normal expressway speed) to get to and from school. I don't care about image. All I want to know is if anyone has any advice for me, if anyone can suggest a different bike to suit my needs, or if anyone can give me more details on actual gas mileage and performance.

I'll be looking at dealerships next weekend but all the places near me are not very trustworthy when it comes to asking about the bikes performance, reliability and characteristics.
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sorry i dont have very much bike info but...

I won't be using it for showing off, I'm gonna be riding down the expressway at 90mph (normal expressway speed) to get to and from school

living on the island ill vouch that on some highways ::cough:: meadowbrook' left lane ::cough:: that 90mph is minimum speed