so i had the idea to build a guitar...well 3 all at once side by side... (everything but neck and fretboard) after the success of my hot rod clean shaven ibanez. i figured i would try to build a custom body and custom head using the mazak cnc mill at a machine shop that i work at...
let me know what you think

my initial design idea based on a gibson explorer, a jackson kelly, a bc rich mockingbird, and an ibanez rg

we then transfered that small computer image to a large peice of cardstock and tweaked it a bit more

then we found our wood (AAAA grade oak) and i got lucky and found a peice
2"thick-x-20"wide-x-8' long

my friend who runs the mill programmed what we have drawn so far into the mill in about 20 minutes

more updates soon to come
yea everything has been pointing to screaming highs and loads of sustain so ill just get me some pickups with more powerfull mids and lows to balange it out... any suggestions to which ones will fill my needs?
oak is horrible tone wood your probably going to want something with a resistance of like 15k or higher to mask the oak. i suggest some seymour duncan invaders they are mid and low end weighted, as well as super powerful
^or, maybe he can use the oak as a top, and get some mahogany or something for the main body.
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I think this is the perfect situation for a set of EMGs - 85 Bridge 60 Neck.
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^or, maybe he can use the oak as a top, and get some mahogany or something for the main body.


Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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I say a DiMarzio X2N for the bridge and an Invader for the neck if that Oak is reaaaally all that dark.