I love to jam, but often find it hard to pick up what I can play from a simple tab. For example, I love little wing and would like to be able to just rip on it, but I don't know the keys, chord progressions, etc so I can play it my own way. Can I get some direction with this so I can get an idea as to what I can do with it and how to pick out the keys and chords in a song?
Do you know basic theory??

I think Hendrix' solo is in the E pentatonic minor there.
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Learn the chords... you will see that in Hendrix's solo he follows the chords as well as playing straight Em/G major pentatonic.
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yeah learn some theory. figure out how to look at a song's chords and find the key

by the way, heres the little wing chords

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You can find the key of some songs by the name of the first chord or note in the song, this isnt always the case though. If you know your keys and what notes are in them, get a tab of the song, or figure out some notes or chords by ear, and write down what the notes are (A, Eb D# etc) and you will probably get 5-7 different notes. 5 notes would be a pentatonic scale, 6 notes could be blues scale and 7 could be major or minor scale. Anyhow, once you have the notes that are played in the song just find what key has all those notes in it and you have the key of the song =D I dont guarantee this will work 100% of the time, as lots of songs, especially in metal have dissonance, which are notes that arent part of scales. Anyhow, good luck anyway!