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35 56%
14 23%
Yes, but don't like to
11 18%
No, and don't like to
2 3%
Voters: 62.
yeah, i've seen that alot of UG'ers have been playing LONGER then me and can't solo and I can solo what i'd say pretty well.

this means reading a solo from a song you like and playing it, or coming up with your own.

reading one - ez fuxin pz
making up my own - moderate-slightly kinda hard

so yeah, can you, can you not, can you but you dont like to, or you cant and dont like to?
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yes i can, I can learn just about any solo by ear now. A couple give me trouble and i look at a tab. Im not that great at coming up with my own solo, i can do it but 99% chance it will suck really bad
I promise basically all I do all day is solo over other stuff, but every time I play guitar at church its just like I freeze up and I always just end up lightly strumming the chords along with the music.
Joey! Watch your speed!
i know whatcha mean napalm.
i get a 80% failure rate, just because i don't think about it and throw in random good sounding sweeps, and add BAAAAAAAAAD single notes.

blues improv solos are cool.....i need to learn my scales though.
Who can't do some form of solo?

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Can you do it when you're high, ts?
Because you haven't left for your trip.
You're not brutal.

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I can solo. Improv. is the best way. I usually just get some jazz backings and go to town. Record sessions at a studio and submit them for review.
Yep. I need to learn more scales, but I am getting pretty good at blues imp.
I improvise quite well IMO. And I know the solos of "stairway to heaven", "empty rooms", "sweet child o' mine", "november rain", and "highway star".
Playing for two years. Don't know if it's good or not :\
Anyway I'd like to know more.

Yes, I was taught to be a lead guitarist so I have always made up solos
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i taught myself to be a lead guitarist hahaha. yea i can solo in a very bluesy feel. i've been practicing to do the same sort of things on acoustic. its pretty cool.
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Quote by xFeatherx
Can you do it when you're high, ts?
Because you haven't left for your trip.

idk, guitar sounds bad right now.
guitar always sounds bad after being high.
UG, food, friends, cellphones, computers, 300, The Departed......all sound very good right now
and finishing my blunt....
i only got through with ½ of it before getting the **** scared out of me and ditching my backyard at the sight of my little brother's violent dog which happens to hate me.
i woulda slapped the **** outta the mutt for being such a lesbian piece of **** dog....
not being a piece of **** for being lesbian but for suddenly hating me.

anyways, idk, i don't plan to try anytime soon, but being high isn't like being retarded.
im still concious of what im doing, i just don't think twice about things really, whatever pops in my head that sounds good, i'll do.