Ok I'm thinking about changing the pickups in my LTD M-1000 which comes stock with dual EMG 81's. IMO these pickups just sound like **** with the alder body so I need to swap them. I've been saving my money for awhile and looking mainly at dimarzio pickups. So far this is what is floating around in my head.

X2N- I like the sound clips I've heard, but I'm concerned this may not match well with the alder body.
D-sonic- Pretty cool half rail PU, looks like a pretty good choice for the alder body and my taste in a bridge PU: aggressive, chunky, and brutal.

???- I'm really open to pretty much anything in the neck, has long as it has warm glassy tone with all levels of gain, has decent cleans, and stand up well to coil tapping.

Suggestions? Thanks.
You know Dimarzio has a pickup finder option on their website.

You choose what sorta amp you have, your body wood, desired sound, and desired effect of pickup and it gives you the top three that match you.
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Dimarzio's pickup finder is one step away from useless - it just tends to recommend the Tone Zone for everything.

If you want to counteract the brightness of the alder and add warmth then go for a Breed, if you want a flatter EQ response that's more suited to newer metal tones then look at the D-sonic or the Steve's Special. If you want a good all-rounder with more low-end, again to compensate for the brightness of the alder then go for the Norton.

For the neck I'd say a Breed, or maybe a Paf Pro....also, what amp you got, no point investing in pickups if the amp is your tone bottleneck.
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I was thinking the same thing last night. I have roland cube 60, which is a modeling amp. I can notice the difference in tone with amp when I use my EC-1000 with it, but the M-1000 sounds muddy and undefined. I was thinking of trying a friends guitar on my amp with passive PU's to find out if I can hear a huge difference.