Ok, so I just started playing guitar and I bought one from this guy on craigslist for 50 bucks. Its a Yamaha G220A classical acoustic. I researched it a little and didnt really come up with much besides that when it was made in 1972 it cost $261.

The only other mention of this guitar on all of the internet is some guy trying to sell one on a forum for like 600 bucks.

I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about its value and could help me out here. Its in mint condition if that helps, not a scratch on it and ill try to get some pics up later
might not be worth much now about $150. dont sell it cause its a vintage the older it is provided its in as good a condition as you say it will be worth alot more
Bought my Yamaha G-220A thirty-two years ago with my salary from my first job after college, which would have been about £300 sterling pounds then. I don't know how much value guitars lose over time though.
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