I recently purchased a esp ltd mh400 which has a floyd rose tremolo. I am wondering how much force you can put on it when using it. If i push it down or pull it up to much will it damage it in anyway? what is the correct amount you should use it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You can dive all the way down, and pull all the way up, but you can get thrown out of tune. You won't damage it or anything, as long as you're not pulling like, Herman Li sort of things where he holds it just by the bar.
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You can push it until it hits the body.
I've never seen a string break from pulling it.

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so i can pretty much push and pull it as hard as i want with out going to crazy?
was curious about this as well, seems wierd to push the FR all the way to the body
You can push or pull it until it hits the body (you should be able to feel it. Just be careful pushing down though, as I bent my whammy bar arm once from doing that.