Have you ever been watching t.v. and suddenly you realized that it was the first time you really WATCHED a commercial? Like you've listened to the commercial a thousand times but this time you actually paid attention to what was going on? This happened to me today. This Arby's commercial came on and I'm pretty sure it had been on a million times before but I paid attention to it this time and thought ".......how did i not notice those monkeys were doing the river dance?" Discuss
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yea i'm taking an advertising class right now.

one of the big concerns in the industry is that people are tuning out tv advertisements.

which is PROBABLY why there were dancing monkeys...arby's is trying way to hard to get people's attention...looks like it worked though.
wtf who watches commercials?

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TV was started to sell and still is made to sell....commercials are all over to hlep the sales and with DVRs out now people can skip them.

personally i like the DVRs...i fell i watch less TV by loosing the commercials and now dont have to sit at the TV when the show is aired..ill have it record and watch them at night or something when i have the spare time.