I just started guitar a little while ago and I'm frikin tone deaf. I can't tell one note from the other. They all kinda sound the same to me. So do you have any ways or methods of helping me get better at differentiating tones? thanks
Well, there's the incredibally boring way.

Play each fret 10000 times(that's what burns it into your sub concious) and learn it that way.

Or give it time, and gain your ear as you go.

Or practice, and try to nail songs by ear, and it will take awhile but its worth it.
listen to music a lot. eventually it will come to you
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Hold down the fifth fret on the B string

Pick the note.

Pick the open high E string.

Note the similarities.

Now hold down the 4th fret on the B string

Pick the B string

Pick the open high E string once again.

Note the differences this time.
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Hmm well some people are born with it more than others, you can do it but you'll have to work really hard. Maybe pick up the drums? jk

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if your talkin abt the difference between something thats flat or sharp by a bit, play an equivalent note and listen for the waves
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