I just started guitar a little while ago and I'm frikin tone deaf. I can't tell one note from the other. They all kinda sound the same to me. So do you have any ways or methods of helping me get better at differentiating tones? thanks
Well your other thread is full of advice. Don't abandon threads to create new ones!

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If you actually were tone deaf, you wouldn't be in this forum, because music would be meaningless to you.
Hrm, well ignore the unhelpful comments, do you sing at all? Probably not but you should sing occasionally, just along to your favorite songs and such and you will probably quickly get a slightly better ear. And try tuning your guitar by ear too, that can help, and try listening to a simple song and guessing the notes and chords.
Play scales and try to sing along.It´s a good way to improve your ear You will learn the intervals.