Is the wah and the expression pedal combo of the Boss GT-8 multi-effects processor a good enough substitute for a real wah pedal eg. a Vox V847 wah pedal? Because if I purchase a Vox V847 wah pedal now and get the Boss GT-8 later on, I'm afraid I'll have wasted money on getting the Vox V847... please advise
Yeah, go for the Boss. A wah is a wah. If you get the Vox, you'll sound like everyone else.

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GT-8 does a V847 sim as well as crybaby and a few others. I don't really think it makes sense to buy both, so GT-8 gets my vote.
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^^ thats why you get a Teese, Morley, Fulltone, etc. so that your not like eveyrone else

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If it means anything to you, I sold my V847 because I didn't like the sound. I got a Morley BH-2 and hated it. The GT-8 allowed me to dial in whatever wah sound I wanted. It does the effect justice. The wah I'm using now is the Dunlop 535Q...it's alright, but there are very few usable settings on this wah.
I use a crybaby from hell and it sounds great for high gain and clean playing, best wah pedal out there right now imo 5 different wah sounds and the boost is pretty cool. i never really liked the wah from digital effects pedals, can sound a bit cheesy. I've heard good things about the gt-8 tho, i own a gt-3 and its a kick ass pedal! good luck!