woohoo! our band did okay tonight, considering half the band is eighth graders, and there's only 35 or 40 people total. most of them don't care about being on the right foot or standing at attention, but wutev. i have to be up in six hours to go to school at 7:45am so we can go down to YSU and play with their marching band for their homecoming. it's going to be freaking sweet. our bass drummers (i play fourth) always suck, so we never split the parts, and there's only going to be three of us tomorrow, since my friend's parents are making him go to work even though he's almost 18, and he could just call it off. there's also three other high school marching bands, and instead of having each band seperate, their combining the high schools and YSU, so there'll be like a 30 or 40 person drumline or something like that, it's going to be freaking intense (as long as we can play semi-clean). there'll probably be videos of it on youtube, so i'll post those after we're done. wish me luck