So I would guess I'm a beginner just starting to kick it up to a new level, hopefully at least closer to intermediate. So I'm hoping to kick up my sound.
The new guitar I'm getting is the Ibanez SZ320EX
Well, im not here for that, I'm here for the amp.

I'm looking for a large variety of sound, to warm bright clean noise, to (hopefully) face-melting metal-ish riffs. Whatever works well around.

I tried out the Line 6 Spider III 75w amp and well, compared to the others ones I've tried, it sounded pretty good actually. The distortion, or crunch, metal sound, sounded well pretty awesome. The features looked great, built in tuner, presets, great, just great. I did notice the clean wasn't all that clear though.. and I do plan on playing clear stuff.

What do you guy's think of this, for someone like me, just looking for a variety of sound on one amp, would it do me any good?

It would also be awesome if I could be suggested amp's that meet my wants.. I don't need anything too big 75 watts is more than enough sound for me. My budget is $400 at most for the amp alone. I just want good sound, accessibility, variety, and something that really makes me think I made a good buy to encourage me a bit more.

Just give me a suggestions and I'll go try them out in a store, so I know what to look for.

Thank you all too
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Peavey Valveking 112, kick ass amp, all tube, great clean, may be a little more then $400 tho, but you can get a great variety of sounds out of it

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^ look for one used, it should be pretty good for what you're doing. you may need a boost for heavy metal, but it does everything else REALLY well, especially at your experience level. I paid $250 for mine, but I'd spend anywhere from $200 to $350 on a used one. Shouldn't be all that hard to find.
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line6 = badddddd

bedroom levels might sound ok, crank it and arsemush comes out
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