When I record some new stuff on an old project in Audacity, it played what was already recorded so that I can hear it and record along with it.
Today, I tried recording something on the same project and it doesn't play the "already recorded" stuff so I cant record along with it. Do you know how to change it so that it does like before?
Make sure it's not muted?

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Its probably already in a aud file because I recorded the whole song and doesn't work even if I try messing around with the mutes and solos
Ok. I have Audacity also, and here's how to fix it (for the most part).

Go to edit, then preferences. There is two small boxes on the bottom, the top of which says "Play other tracks while recording". Make sure that one's checked. And then your problem should be solved.

I've had it uncheck itself before as well, so my guess is that may have happened.

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