so i was watching real time with billm aher just now (loyal watcher). and suddenly an audience member just started yelling something really loud about new jersey or something. then bill gets pissed off cause this keeps going on and he runs out into the audience to like ... kick this guy's ass cause security wouldn't do anything. so he came back then some woman starts yelling something "seven" and he's like "i'll kick your ass too!" and then i realize once a third guy starts screaming i hear it finally ... "what about building seven, bill?!" it was nuts. i always thought this show was taped beforehand (the one i'm watching is a rerun from two hours ago). crazy, huh? thought someone was about to get shot.

I've never seen that show.
Sounds awesome though.

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is this on youtube anywhere?

I just did a half-ass search and didn't find anything, but i'd like to see this.
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well it just happened about two hours ago so it should be up tomorrow.
I don't get it?
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I totally forgot to watch Real Time today but just my luck that the re-run of it starts right about now. Thanks for the reminder primus.
Aaah so it's a political talk show?
And it's on HBO.
No wonder I haven't heard of it.
Just did a wikipedia search just now
That must've been a funny moment.
Yes I am from Hawaii.

It's not really a great place to live..
..but fun if you're a tourist!
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It's good to be back guys.
lol. also i forgot about when joel stein goes "i was only allowed two guests so we should be fine now."
I thought it was aired on Wednesdays, 'cause that's when I watch it Hope it comes on again.
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it has to do with building seven at the world trade center that fell down for apparently no reason. they like to draw upon revealing evidence such as "the BBC announced that it collapsed 25 mins before it actually did!" and "the guy who owned the building said 'pull the plug'!" it's all a bunch of stupid crap. once everyone poked holes in the main conspiracy they started to use this building 7 stuff because the gov't said "we're not sure yet how this WTC 7 fell down".

i used logic tantamount to their's and proved sting stole "every breath you take" from puff daddy in a video once. of course i posted it here and everyone's too damn stupid to get it (even though i made it as a parody of josh's ytmnd, but that's a long story.)
I think the whole thing is silly anyway.

1) Arguing about it won't change a damn thing.

2) Bush will be gone in a year.

3) If the government is actually powerful enough to orchestrate this, it won't matter who is President anyway.

And these conspiracy nuts are assholes. Visit Ground Zero and you can see how much of their bull**** is all over the site. I respect people's right to an opinion, but Ground Zero is definitely not the place for that kind of crap.