I'm almost 17 and in a growingly successful band in Adelaide, Australia.
I have been playing guitar since I was 9 and I have an increasingly growing rig...
I have many effects lined up (see my profile page for a list) and a custom guitar that I had made recently...
My band play regularly and do gigs every couple of weeks and hoping to get more.
Our gigs are only small venues, but we are hoping for larger.
Our influences and covers are of early RHCP (blood sugar sex magic mainly), MUSE, Rage Against the Machine, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, and various other artists (see www.myspace.com/thefunkscumrumor for extra detail).

Now... My problem is that I want to upgrade my amp. I have a Fender FM212r which has served me well for the last year and a half (using distortion pedals with it because the amp dist is ****) but I want to upgrade to something within the Marshall half-stack range that is above the AVT series (JCM and up) so that I wont need to upgrade again.
I have heard good things about the JCM2000 DSL100 heads, but I have only briefly tried the 50 version in a shop once.

Does anybody have any suggestions about which amp will suit my playing influences and my rig? How are DSL100's in terms of sound quality etc...?

Also, what happened to Marshall Majors? I know they stopped making them or something, but have they reissued them?

just get the dsl50 head you dont need 100 watts
tom morello uses a 50 watt head and does just fine with being loud enough at an arena
and youre gonna use it for small gigs and bars, you only need the 50 watts
Yeah that's probably a good idea... How different is the sound quality between the 50 and the 100? I can imagine the 50 would be better because you'd crank it up louder and drive the tubes harder than the 100 most of the time.

EDIT: I've seen things like Volume boxes for incredibly loud heads... You plug them into the effects loop or something and crank your amp up heaps and then turn the volume box down so that you get the same sound as if the amp was turned right up but it is as quiet as you want it to be... kind of like the switches on fender amps that turn them down from 100 to 50 watts etc...
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