well not really a story, but i just finished (no pun intended) a bass i've been working on for awhile.

here it is as it was when i first bought it besides the defretting. I had defretted this bass for an experiment since i had bought a new bass which is far superior to this one.

I carefully pulled the frets out with some pliers, filled in the cracks with some wood filler, then sanded and finished it with a satin type finish.

then i started on the refinishing stage because the dark purple colour soon began to disgust me.

here it is after the stripping and re-finishing.

i stripped the first layer of paint using a heat gun and a scraper. after the first paintjob was completely gone, i had sanded it and stripped what i suppose was primer to get to the bare wood. I finished it with some more satin type finish and sanded it again with a 320 grit to give a nice smooth feel. i then used a spray on clear coat (urethane) to give a slight gloss, and then sanded it again with 320.

its not wired back up yet, but all put together for visual purposes.

for this bass, not really worth it. but i had fun doing it
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i dont really have time to read seeing as how im falling asleep, but that wood texture is amazing!
this finishing job turned out nicer than i expected, but i can't figure out what kinda wood this i might be since i can't find ANY info on this bass or even the company that made it.

the logo on the headstock reads "Barracuda" which is just some cheap no name company, but they don't seem to have a website or anything.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.
Wow, man.. Thats a pretty damn fine bass guitar !! Good job Renn.
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