There are 4 solos in orion, the one at the start and the 3 at the end, the 3rd solo is played on bass guitar, but does anyone know of a tab for that solo for the normal guitar?

I got the guitar solo's down nice, but if i could learn the bass solo to then i could join em up and it would sound awesome

Well, a bass guitar is tuned down an octave lower than a guitar, so just take the tabs for bass, and drop the notes down an octave. In other words, drop the notes down 12 frets. If you see a 17 on the D string for the bass tab, play the 5th fret D string on guitar.
yes, on guitar pro you change the tuning and string count to a regular guitar, you can do this on any instrument, even when you get a song thats in open G (or any other tuning) and you want to play it on standard.
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is there any way with GuitarPro that you can convert bass to guitar?

Is it that hard to subtract twelve from every note?
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Is it that hard to subtract twelve from every note?

rofl I love sig moments
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yeah i converted it with guitar pro, but it was all f*d up, bends on open notes etc. Doesnt matter i just re-tabbed it myself for guitar

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