Is it normal for the first fret to require alot of pressure to press down? My action seems fine, and when I do push down the first fret, the string is like 2 hairs away from the 2nd fret metal bar. Is this considered normal?
That's odd. You say the action is "fine." Do you mean it's playable? Try lowering it, it might help.
I think this is normal - on every guitar I have owned the 1st fret has been slightly tougher, but not much. What guitar are you using?
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I think you may need to move your finger closer to the metal bar, because it is easier to push down there.
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i moved my finger closer to the metal bar and it's easier, thanks

it's an Ibanez RG370DX
yeah when i first started I didnt have much finger strenth you just need to build it up for the first fret to get easier
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