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Anyway, I need helping getting the Canon rock sound on my BOSS ME-20 multieffects thing. Here are the things I can set on the BOSS.

OD/DS: (I'm not sure if its Overdrive or Metal)
1: Overdrive
2: Blues
3: Distortion
4: Metal
5: Fuzz
6: Compresser
Range: 0-50
Tone: 0-50
Level: 0-50

Mod: (Im pretty sure i dont need a mod)
1: Chorus
2: Phaser
3: Flanger
4: Tremolo
5: Rotary
Rate: 0-50
Depth: 0-50
Level: 0-50

1: Delay 0-99ms
2: Delay 100-700ms
3: Reverb
When its on 1: 0-99
When its on 2: 10-70
When its on 3: 0-50
Feedback: 0-50
Level: 0-50

Low: 0-50
Low-Mid: 0-50
Mid-High: 0-50
High: 0-50

You dont have to tell me exactly what to set, like you dont have to tell me the numbers. Just give me a good idea. = D

Edit: Heres the link
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I guess some light distortion or overdrive
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where has this been moved, been lookin for those effects for 3 days now
I also have the me-20