...u have learnt on guitar
or biggest hurdle you jumped for guitar
for me its learning beast and the harlot
everything I have learned to play on my guitar is the best thing I learned
after all. all the things I have learned are responcable for my playing style
A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.
Going through my hour and a half long playlist of songs i can play, and playing them all perfectly makes me feel pretty awesome afterwards.
Being able to improvise at a very fast tempo, while keeping it melodic, and missing no notes.

EDIT: Learning the solo to Pantera's Domination.
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no boundaries, far beyond the sun, through the fire and the flames, valley of the damned, and stuff like that. that was probably some of the hardest stuff to figure out...but really...once you know your scales...you can pretty much fly through this ezily...
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