hi can anyone help me, ive been playing for around 3 months and have learnt songs like sweet child of mine but the intro doesnt sound right, is this because im too slow ??
listen to the song.. and then you can see if you're too slow!
oh and check the tabs..[if you're using them]..maybe they're wrong..
go on youtube and search for a lesson...they're great..
Also check you tuning Sweet Child o' mine is played in Half a step down instead of standard
hi, thanks, but i have no clue on tunin, i can only tune standard because of a cd iv got, ne ideas??
probably the tuning but it should still sound understandable.
if it doesn't you have the wrong tabs
Quote by yoyodunno
You could get an electronic tuner if you want to change tunings easier.

I like my Korg tuner. Only $20 and it can tune up/down 1-5 semi-tones. You can also either use the built-in micraphone or plug your cable into it so it's great for electric and accustic .

To the OP...besides learning songs I hope you have a practice routine using chromatics and possibly scales for increasing your speed/dexterity and improving your alternate picking technique.

ah ok thanks ill have a look, i think my tabs are ok because the first part sounds ok of the intro, just the e string sounds a bit off