when are the forms due in? not medical, oxford or cambridge? and I have searched.
I think different colleges have different dates. Our is something like the 15th November, I think. I'm a first year though, so it doesn't involve me.
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It depends i think Oxford & Cambridge are before the end of this year
most are deadlined around april/may next year
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seperate for different colleges as they have their own processing times, my colleges is 5th november. but the ucas one (when the colleges have to submit them all) is january something.
The thing with UCAS, is that the earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting in to wherever you're applying are. They (with the exception of Oxbridge) don't wait for all the applications to come in, they tend to hand out places as soon as a good candidate comes along. So getting it done early > Getting it done late.

I think UCAS still let you send of applications in January, but your chances are going to suck by then.

Oxbridge/Medical applications deadline was the 16th of this month.