ive had to put off saving for my high end guitar as ive got to much in the way of house work to do so ive decided to upgrade the pick ups on my ibanez.

ive got a pearly gates in the bridge of my 412 pacifica and that sounds cool but i wnated summit different. a more versatile guitar.

ive ordered an alnico 2 pro for the neck postition (im a slash fan and i like blues and classic rock sounds) but im also looking for good screaming pick up. ive been looking at either a screamin deamon or a thrasher (both seymour duncan) will this work well??

also, im not sure wther to chnage the single coil aswell, as i never really use it. maybe a mini humbucker to replace it?

any thoughts anyone
ibanez s370 with seymour duncan invader (b) and alnico 2 pro (n)

epiphone les paul with SD blackouts

jackson randy rhoads

peavey windsor half stack