So, I started with Jackson JS30 guitar, changed p/u (with EMG 81/85), changed Licensed Floyd Rose with Original Floyd Rose, and know I want to change inlays ( Dots ), to add some style to my guitar.
Any ideas which inlays would cover a holes from dots, and also where can I find them, or where can I find any inlays, except e-bay?
And, do I need to pull out the metal part of the frets, in order to change inlays?
My gear:
Jackson RR3 moded (EMG 81/85, OFR)
Jackson JS30 (with Duncan JB/Jazz from my RR3)
Peavey studio pro 112
MXR Double shot dist.
MXR 10 band EQ
Crybaby 535Q

Metal Rulez

And yes, you'd have to defret and reradius the board to get the radius of the inlays to match.
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