Bah...the flu...*

Anyways, I have a problem.
In the back of the manual we're fixing up for our album, it has this on it:

Mentality is:

Jamie Austin -
Rhythm guitar, Backing Vocals

Damien Harwood -

Josh 'Tummankeli' Shiells -
Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Bass, Piano, Cello, Violin, French Horn

Some people have said that I'm stealing the spotlight.
I respond by saying that, while the others ARE musically gifted, I am more experienced than them...
That still makes me seem like an asshole...
...Basically, I'm doing all these instruments because, as the only songwriter in the band, I'm the only one capable of playing these instruments.

So, I'm bamboozled...
Should I credit others for this?
I don't want people thinking I'm an asshole, really.

* = thank you, the pit, for helping my fight my illness. you're so wise.
methinks the pit should become a religion.
you play all of them? at once? lol

i dont think your stealing the spotlight
Good god, how do you play live??? Dr. octopus on cocaine seems to be the only 'realistic' way. Regardless, excellent job with being well-rounded... but can you rub your tummy and pat your head???
i reckon if the french horn and whatnot are kind of 'novelty' instruments in your songs, you shouldn't bother crediting yourself for them, especially if it leads to conflict with your band.

however, if the violin happens to be a vital and integral part of your music, sure, go ahead.

why doesnt the rhythm guitarist double on bass though? just curious.
Josh 'Tummankeli' Shiells -
Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Bass, other instruments.

I think that sounds better. Its not really a problem though seeing as you are playing the instruments.
Yes, I play all of them.

Live, we just make do. It's all over-dubbed in studio. The others are gone in 15 minutes, I remain back another hour or two to edit and piece things in.
As for rubbing my head and patting my stomach, I have enough trouble hitting a beach ball with a tennis raquet.

Nodice 182:
The French Horn, etc. are recurring instruments in our songs.
I have not credited myself for my playing the tuba or bagpipes, as I only did them for one song.
Just say lead guitar, lead vocals , extra stuff or something (make it more intelligent sounding though)
I'd say 'other instruments', since listing a load of them only makes you seem pretentious. I'm not saying that you are, it just can come across that way.
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Retro Rocker, you may have something there...

Only on one occasion has Jamie written anything.
Mash Mr. Jack and Spiders by System of a Down together and that was it.
I wouldn't say you're stealing the spotlight. Hey, if you're gonna write who plays what on the album, write who plays what on the album .

I wouldn't be offended myself, but some people may be, so just write all those "novelty" instruments as "Miscellaneous" or something to that effect.
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Better off stating all the more obscure instruments as 'additional instruments' or something.
And I dont htink its possible to steal the spotlight if you're both leaf guitarist and vocalist anyway, the spotlight starts off with you.
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Quote by Dinkydaisy
I'd say 'other instruments', since listing a load of them only makes you seem pretentious. I'm not saying that you are, it just can come across that way.

KaptinK and others mentioned this. (but not the reason.)

You probably have a lot of experience having to worry about not looking pretentious, because of your awesomeness.
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People are curious to know what insturments are being played. I don't think it's stealing the spotlight. Go for it

EDIT: i want to hear a track from this album
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Just have a list of the names of the songs under where your names are and put as a note to every song that you play the other instruments on, "whatever you played" played on this track by "yourself". But in smaller font so it doesn't take the spotlight away.

Anyway with all those instruments, your music must be pretty epic.
Have you got any music on the internet Tummaenkeli? I want to hear the french horn used.
Thanks for all the credit Josh, I may not have written much, and it may sound like Mr Jack and Spiders, but i have helped a little with other songs, and i will be writing more in the future (Ive been busy, ok)
Im sorry, ill pick up my song writing in the future, like i said, im busy, and ive been learning other songs
What you should do is perhaps '*' after you list the main ones you do live (lead guitar and vocals id think..) then down the bottom list the other ones.... like in a little section reading..

"Also played by Josh 'Tummankeli' Shiells - Bass, Piano, Cello, Violin, French Horn" this could help you seem a little less like an spotlight hog to people... I mean I dont have a problem with you listing but if some people are you may wish to do that...
If it bothers the band, just put what you actually play live, and if it doesn't, just leave it like that. Maybe you could put, "all songs written by *name of your band*," no?
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Well at least you didn't put yourself first.... right?
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Quote by Dinkydaisy
I'd say 'other instruments', since listing a load of them only makes you seem pretentious. I'm not saying that you are, it just can come across that way.

I agree. Doing something then taking full credit for it/them makes you an asshole.
most artists i've seen don't say 'lead vocals' they just say 'vocals' for one guy and 'vocals' for another, and let the fans figure it out. if you change that your friends probably won't care about the other instruments. change 'lead guitar' to 'guitar' as well. it's not like everyone MUST know that you're the lead guitarist.
Who cares, go Billy Corgan style.
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Holy shiznit, that's alotta instruments.

It's like that guy from Panic! At The Disco...

Brendon Urie- Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Organ, Accordian, lyrics.
I want to hear your fucking band.
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Is that the 21st century version of a marching band?
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