the first one's maximum capacity is 60mm thick so i recommend going for the 2nd one to allow for a bit of headroom. also, if you want your machines to last, never buy GMC. but if you're on a budget then its understandable, but i would save up a bit more and buy a good quality, longer lasting machine if i were you
how much would a good one cost, without making me go broke?
well i just bought the 2nd one in this catalogue (BP-300). not bad for $570AUS. not the best, but way better than GMC and it will cut mahogany no worries. if thats too expensive than have a look at the 1st one in that catalogue, i'm not too sure of the quality - it might be no better than a GMC
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woah man no way can i afford 570, i gota buy other tools as well. im just getting all the budget tools from bunnings. got myself a ryobi router today, gona start practising on some cheap scrap wood soon.
ye i've looked on ebay but their all not in sydney and its all pickup so yeh.
Any bandsaw will cut thru mahogany. Mahogany is not a very hardwood. height and thought depth are the important concerns when choosing a band saw(i am a cabinetbuilder for 10yrs+)
Do they sell delta or powermatic in AU? The $500(amer.$$) delta is not bad. I used to own it before upgrading to a serious saw.
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lol $500 worth isnt serious enough? i'm just looking for a cheapo budget one hopefully not exceeding $200 aussie bucks. gona build one or two guitars and see how i go. if i get serious about it i'll upgrade later when i absolutely need to but for now, saving money is all i care about