I finally got around to reading the manual for my amp, and realised I can plug another amp in to it :S

So after fiddling around with effects and what sounded sweet, I put my Crate GT1200h into the Slave port of my Randall RM100m and used its clean channel with some reverb.

At first I was using 2 cabinets, one with the Randall dist. and the other with the Randall solid state + reverb feel.. Played around with settings for about half an hour and then chucked both heads onto the one cab.. Crate in left speakers, Randall in right.

It sounds so niice, and once I get this van (few weeks maybe?), I'll buy 2 identical cabs and use that rig for gigs since we now only have one guitarist.

Anyone else experimented with dual heads?
I'm not sure I understand the setup here, but I use two separate amps, a '73 Super Reverb and mid 80's Peavey MX with an A/B switch, gets me the best of both worlds without having the bucks for a new 3 channel 5150 or something like that and I'm still not sure it would get as clean as I want. But it definitely beats trying to compromise and get a decent clean sound out of a cranked tube amp and still have the gain for raunch 'n roll, by turning down the guitar volume and therefore losing highs. Since I play a lot of super clean guitar and a lot of raunch 'n roll too, the dual amp setup is the only thing that has gotten me everything I want. So I say tinker with it and see how it works, I'm lugging around a lot of equipment for and old fart my age, (pushing 52 real hard) but it gets me the sound I want and I have a dolly... and I'm now seriously considering a 4x12 cabinet to replace the Kustom 2x12 I run the MX through...more gear...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
I've seen lots of big bands do it, but I've never actually seen anyone do it live.

Seems kinda unecessary to me, but I guess, if you can do it, and it sounds good, you might as well do it.

You could get a nice balanced sound if you had a cab on either side of your stage when you gig.
Snot_foster, that's exactly what I was thinking of doing To me, it beats having an identical sound on either sound whereas with 2 amps together it would sound like 2 different people playing together.. so maybe the sound would be a bit more full I dunno, I'll certainly try it out though.

And Paleo Pete, what I meant was having both amps producing sound simultaneously (sp?).. I know what you're on about, as I too, sometimes use an AB switch.
Paleo Pete I know what you mean, I'm 54. I used to have a Carvin CM140 (creep stole it) with stereo out. It was amazing to use one amp for each pickup. Used a tube combo for lead and a ss amp for neck pickup. I am thinking of ordering another Carvin, probably a Carved Top and trying to get it stereo.
Quote by metaldier

And Paleo Pete, what I meant was having both amps producing sound simultaneously (sp?).. I know what you're on about, as I too, sometimes use an AB switch.

Do you mean an ABY switch? I think they let you use amp A, amp B or both together at the same time...
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add45, is there such thing as that? If so I wouldn't mind investing in one.

I don't really like my AB switch that much as when I used one amp, you could hear everything coming through the other amp at low volume real clean, which annoyed me when using disortion.

Come to think of it, if there is an ABY switch, I think I almost bought one once but had no idea what to plug in where as it wasn't very detailed.
john petrucci has 2 roadking heads in his live set up as far as i know
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