Hey guys!

Did a recording with a friend of mine today.

He did the acoustic guitar and vocals.

I did the drums, bass, and guitar.

Guitar is all Mark IV through a Mesa traditional 4x12....PRS Singlecut with tone rolled off (except for the end solo), and an EH Deluxe Memory Man for a little more body.

Recording with a Shure SM57 upfront and a Rode NT1-A Condensor about 2 feet back.


Let me know what you think! If you do have a myspace, feel free to add, as this is my new page for my solo music.
Nice tone!
I like where youre goin with it, I'll most definitely send you an add


EDIT: actually id reccomend one thing
with the guitar, try a stereo approach.
duplicate the track and stick one totally right and one totally left, with about 2 millaseconds of difference between the two. then when the guitar is the main thing going on throw it back into mono
cheers dude
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acoustic tone was really nice. the lead tone was a bit warm. try backing off on the mids. vocals were a tad lame. try sing with more feeling. the leads really overpowered them, but nice leads. vocals really need work. the leads need to be backed off quite a bit. try and wait for a decent solo spot and then cut loose. solo was nice, but could have had more energy. drums were really good. nice job on those!

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Thanks for all the comments!

I agree, lead is a bit overpowering in the verses....I should have sent it further left and right.

As for the singer, I agree....his singing is sub-par at best.....but it's the best I could find around here

Any more comments appreciated!
I agree totally with the above comments, loved the acoustic tone, lead a little bit warm, loved the violining guitar sound at one point. The voice is pretty mono tone, but there is something i like about his voice, and i think he he my have some potential, maybe with some lessons. His voice has a similar tone to a UK band called Logan, just his voice lacks the dynamics and the range. Also personally i thought the solo lacked a little bit of feeling, but depends on what sort of feel you're going for i suppose. Recording quality was very professional sounding. All in all good job.
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I envy you with your mesa. nice tone!!

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