What would you rekon is a good multi-fx pedal, i want to buy one with a good whammy and a good wah.

I've just got a Digitech GNX3000. Multi-fx, amp modelling, drum machine, recording mixer... and probably more that I'm yet to discover. The whammy on it is great and very adjustable, I'm yet to try the wah (as I have a cry baby), but I'm sure its just as good.
Good whammy can't be found in a multi effects, but the BOSS ME-50 is really nice for distortion, and some modulation, I've never really used the delay, but it has great wah aswell, just because its designed to blend with all tihs distortion samples, even the ****ty fuzz oct. one.
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One with a good whammy and wah would be the Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory, but that's costly. How much are you looking to spend?
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