I was looking to play my acoustic through my amp. I was wondering what you guys suggested for acoustic pickups?

Depends on What you want to spend. They go from 30$ to $1000. I am personally looking at buying a Fishman Ellipse Aura Pick up which runs around $400. I currently have a Dean Markley Pro Mag which is OK but is simply a humbucker/magnetic pickup. You can buy those on line for $40. I paid $100 at a guitar store and got ripped off.
Hmmm well i kinda want to keep it under $100. I was looking at the Fishman Neo D MAgnetic Soundhold pick up which is supposed to be the cheaper version of the rare earth pick up i believe. I had the Dean MArkley Pro MAg before it broke, but i wasnt too impressed. What is the difference between a powered pickup and one that isnt powered? Also will i be able to get a good acoustic sound through my SR?