im looking for a couple good books about rock music, musicians, etc. to read.

what are some suggestions you guys have?

ive heard all ready about Scar Tissue by Anthony Kleidis
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Clapton by Eric Clapton. I started to read the autobiography and it was awesome, hes a really good writer.
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im not sure.. but i think one of the ramone guys wrote some books...
i'd read one of those
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Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue/BRides of Destruction bassist) is supposed to be good and it has a neato soundtrack
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Hammer of the Gods - Stephen Davis
He also wrote a great book about Jim Morrison

Raed them both, theyre awesome
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^ heavier than heaven is good
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The Dirt - Motley Crue and Inside Out: A Personal History Of Pink Floyd. I also have one about The Clash but I can't remember what it's called. It might be A Riot of Our Own.
Apparently Please Kill Me is a good punk book, but I've never read it
i have know idea why but i thought the thread title was "good rock boots" and this was like a shoes suggestion for a live show or something...it confused me...
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A good fictional story is Fat Kid Rules the Wrold by J.K. Going. It's about a FAt kid who finds a punk rock god and helps him achieve(sp?) his true punk rock persona(sp again?)

Great book
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Please kill me is the greatest chronicle of epic rock escapades from jim morrison and iggy pop, all the way up till nirvana
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In the Van: On Comeback Tour, fiction but a very good read. all 40 chapters can be found in the UG archives. also nolan's new story is pretty good.
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Clapton by Eric Clapton. I started to read the autobiography and it was awesome, hes a really good writer.

ahh i saw that on display at barnes and noble. i wanted to read a little bit of it but my friends were in a rush...