how much would i get back for this guitar

Used jackson kelly (ke3)
Hard case (with leather - bit scratched - on outside and purple fluff on inside)
Bolt on neck - 24 frets
maple neck/ rosewood fretboard
schaller locking tuners
schaller floyd rose
2 seymour duncan 59's
custom paint job (black back and bevels with the front in a michael schenker esque paint job, half red, half white with words this guitar was hand painted by coben black on it)
black hardware
ernie ball strings super slinky
full set up.

i only ask because im ready to sell it, as it was my project guitar, and now im selling it to fund my next one. (i dont play all that much these days)

btw i live in england
well... testing the water threads aren't allowed here, so tough luck.
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