I thinkg of changing my Pick ups in my Ibanez Rg. Do anyone have any good sugation on what kind/brand model

I have been thinking of Seeymore Duncan... I play mostly metal, blues and neoclasscal stuff...
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If you don't have a decent amp upgrading pickups is premature.


If your amp is sufficcient, I always vote for a peek at GFS pickups from Guitarfetish. Almost as good as Duncans or DiMarzios, and a lot cheaper. Then again, that's my philosphy on life...so if you're a tone hound and have the money, upgrade to something nicer. Also, there's a few guys here on UG who will make you custom pickups...I can't remember...anyone else know?
My amp sound good. It'a an Marshall MG 15cdr And I use a Boss GT-6 guitar processor
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In that case you don't need pickups....it ain't that great sadly.
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