Anyone used one?

In particular, I'm thinking of getting the G5238T Pro Jet with a Bigsby in gold sparkle. It's just hard to find, so have been unable to test-drive one myself. I play mostly indie/alt type stuff and want something quite different to my Tele.

So to those of you who own one or have used one: what are they like? Are they worth getting, or is there another model I should be thinking of?
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I once played a Gretsch White Falcon,And i can honestly say it's the finest best sounding easiest guitar i've ever played,I'd say the pro jet would share a lot of the same greatness.
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gretsch rocks, from the jets to the falcons. i will own an extensive line one of these years
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Brilliant guitar, excellent value for money. I want one. I've played the one with the bigsby, it was excellent, i thought it almost as nice as the rickenbacker 330 i played straight afterwards. the ric was £950, the gretsch was £350. hmm...
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