hey guys, check out www.myspace.com/emusicbeans

listen to any songs you want to, crit however many you want to. I go for an experimental/jazz(not so much jazz up yet, working on that)/blues/rock feel.

I'll crit however many songs of yours you crit for me. Thanks a lot


(it's all solo, just me, a guitar, adobe audition, bass & drum sequencer)
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
mushroom forest: nice trippy vibe. drums were a bit boring. very fusionesq, nice job with the solo's. work on the drums and you'll have a great song!

moss are blues: a little hum at the beggining, you should fix that. drums are still boring add some reverb. did you do the bass? it could use some work.

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man, you're tunes are pretty tight. i really enjoyed listening to the ones i did listen to.

mushroom forest-- interesting feel, you achieved that experimental rock/blues feel i think. it might have been cooler if it had been a little longer... also i think you would benefit from a drummer-man. as opposed to drummer-machine that is.

ultimatum-- i like the guitar and it's tone. i wasn't a big fan of the bass, but it fit in well i guess.

you've got some cool stuff man.
crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=694716
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Dude all I can say is you have a pretty good tone..

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